Women's Gloved Gladiator Stilettos - Side Zipper / Lace Up Tie on Sides

SKU: SH0006

Overview and Description

If you have a sexy shoe addiction, then these sexy stilettos are a must buy item for you. Colored in a beige nude color, you can literally slip them onto your feet with ease. The toe section is open and features three lovely straps that keep your toes sitting in place. There is a side zipper that goes all the way up to the ankle, and there are three straps that cleverly wrap their way around the ankle area of the shoe, enabling you the chance to fasten it with the buckle to keep them secured. The heel is very narrow and extremely high, so when you walk, be sure to perfect your sexy wiggle! If you don’t like beige, there is a black option too. Be sure not to miss out though, for the price is low, and the quality is high. Snap a pair up now!